International Federation of Soundhunters
Fédération Internationale des Chasseurs de Sons
Internationale Tonjäger Föderation

How to Join FICS ...

and enter the International Contest

Although FICS is currently European in composition it would warmly welcome participation from national Soundhunters' associations worldwide. Individuals can also take part as "Active Correspondents" from countries where there is no participating national association. In the past we have had correspondents from as far afield as Australia.

Please read the following steps, taking the first option which applies.

  1. If there is a FICS member organisation in your country please join that organisation or an affiliated club. You will then be able to submit recordings through the national association (N.A.) or its own contest.
  2. If there is a N.A. in your country which is not a member of FICS then it should be encouraged to join and participate in the international competition.
  3. If there is no N.A. then it is possible that clubs and individuals in the country could decide to form a N.A. for the purposes of participating in FICS.
  4. It is also possible that a single club could take on the responsibility of representing its country. Normally only one FICS member organisation is permitted per country though exceptions have been made, for example where there is more than one spoken language.
  5. If there is no N.A. or club prepared to represent a country then individuals may become "active correspondents". In this way they would be able to submit their own entries to the competition. This would be a useful first step in establishing contact with FICS, with a view to forming a N.A.

The N.A. is responsible for choosing which tapes are entered in the international competition. This may be done via a national contest or a selection panel, and it should be borne in mind that the best tapes in a national contest may not necessarily appeal to the international jury.

Entries to the international competition from active correspondents are accepted at the discretion of the organisers in the host country.

For more information please apply to the FICS Secretary-General or to the member organisation in your country, if applicable.

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